Timetable ski bus

The ski bus shuttle provides a link between Narvik city and Narvikfjellet, with stops at all major hotels in the city before arriving at the ski resort. It offers a seamless experience for travelers heading up to Narvikfjellet, free of charge.

Timetable 13th to the 19th of March 2023     

To Narvikfjellet Departure
Scandic Hotel 10:00
The City Hall 10:10
Quality Hotel Grand Royal 10:15
Breidablikk 10:20
Thon Hotel 10:25
Narvikfjellet Ski Resort 10:30
From Narvikfjellet Departure
Narvikfjellet Ski Resor 16:50
Thon Hotel 16:55
Breidablikk 17:00
Quality Hotel Grand Royal 17:05
The City Hall 17:10
Scandic Hotel 17:15